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Capital jeweller factory "Djunaid" - One of the main Russian companies of manufacturers of jewels of gold 585 and 750 tests with semiprecious, jewels, and also products with pearls.
For a long time people decorated themselves jewels which underlined their beauty, individuality, position in a society and riches. Certainly, some receive ornaments in the inheritance or a gift. But it is especially pleasant, if you have achieved much in a life and can choose to yourself suiting a product with a favourite stone. This fascinating employment to study features of stones, jeweller directions and then with pleasure to choose an ornament, which to you to liking and under the fair price.
The company "Djunaid" works in different styles, with the big variety of jeweller inserts. It and a wide spectrum of semiprecious stones, magnificent colour pearls, classical jewels, and also their synthetic twins.
"the Pearl collection" - favourite page of creativity company collective . Ease, variety, possibility of combinations of colours in models: Pink, golden, lavendery, silvery it is dazzling white - The colours doing variety of collections by the unique.
About notability of stones it is told much. Since ancient times people are admired with natural paints, vivifying force of fruits of terrestrial bowels. In the Capital jeweller company "Djunaid" the big attention give to creation of new modern models with use of semiprecious stones.
The collection of author's products has been awarded time and again by diplomas at competitions Jeweller exhibitions. Sets with large pearls and brilliants have been awarded by diplomas " Style of year 2006/2007" .

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